IMG_9370bCommunications, Teamwork, Project Management, and Organizational Visioning…

…are all talents I can bring to your organization. I’ve had a variety of professional experiences; my LinkedIn profile is a great place to go for more detail about those experiences.  Each place I have worked has helped me refine my philosophy of work and better understand what I bring to a workplace.

Let’s talk types. No assessment can truly sum up a person, but I do find these frameworks helpful to better understand myself and to enable me to more meaningfully connect to others.

My Myers-Briggs personality type is INFJ, and my top 5 StrengthsQuest strengths are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Achiever: I’m self-motivated and always looking to accomplish something new (big or small).
  2. Developer: I see people (including myself) as constantly growing and enjoy finding ways to help them better articulate their stories, expand their skills, and utilize their strengths.
  3. Empathy: I have a strong ability to understand others’ emotions and to sense what is not being said. This helps me read a room and determine what the best next-steps are.
  4. Learner: I am energized by the process of learning and always seeking to connect new information to other areas of my life. This helps me bridge silos in the workplace and bring in new perspectives.
  5. Relator: I value my relationships with others; this strength often manifests itself at work in the form of mentorship, authentic connections, and a focus on people’s value over their formal titles.

Recognizing my own strengths allows me to use them in the workplace and to surround myself with others who have different strengths to contribute to our team (I am a Relator and Developer, after all).

My Philosophy of Work

I seek meaning in my work—whether that is mentoring staff, helping my team tell its story, or using my Achiever skills to work toward a common goal. I want to be part of a team that is strategically striving to improve and that values people over profit. I want to see people be successful, so I use my Developer strengths to build up others and to offer them support and the removal of barriers.

I believe that there is power in partnerships, that inspiration can come from anywhere, and that success is often dependent on gathering ideas from different fields and diverse teams.

I value the human side of work; I understand that people are much more than their professional roles. To honor this fact, I have been enhancing my facilitation skills through professional development courses and real-world practice. I am learning how the best leaders are able to attend to both people and process. Both people and organizations want to tell their stories; it is often in the process of writing that story that people feel most energized.

I have witnessed the importance of communication in everything I do.

I seek to fulfill these ideals through: strong organizational skills; detail orientation; project management; asking good questions; employing design thinking and providing staff the space to experiment, fail, and learn; hearing the stories of my team members and helping them to edit their narrative; recognizing patterns; providing and seeking feedback; and thinking visually.

I see patterns in everything I do and learn, and that helps me connect people and ideas to find solutions. When I am working out a complex problem, I often think visually. Drawing or modeling my thoughts—or creating a visualization for others—can help clarify ideas, identify distracting information, or connect seemingly disparate ideas. My journalism background has taught me the value of design, the power of descriptive storytelling, and the clarity of visual aids like photos, charts, and infographics.

All the while, the Achiever in me makes sure I get things done. 🙂

“The things you’re passionate about are not random. They are your calling.”
–Fabienne Frederickson