SOAR Website, UW-Madison

As the Coordinator of Orientation – Operations at UW-Madison, much of my role is to communicate clear information about the university’s orientation (SOAR) program to the more-than 15,000 annual incoming students and guests. Earlier versions of the site included 30+ individual pages, hard-to-navigate menus, and extraneous information that was likely to lead users to other websites (student activities, disability support, housing, etc.) before completing their SOAR reservation. Through several iterations of the website, we worked to streamline the information into three main categories: SOAR checklist (to-do steps of how to make a SOAR reservation and prepare for the program), an overview of the program, and the “contact us” page.

For this project, I worked closely with the Coordinator of Communication to streamline information, develop a logical organizational structure, and write content while she transitioned the site over to our new WordPress platform.

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